Panoform 2.0 has been released!

What's new?

Panoform is a tool which allows anyone to become a VR creator. All you need to get started is some paper, crayons, and a mobile device.


Wrap your sketches and doodles into a 360° environment!

Low Tech

Panoform is browser based and compatible with most mobile phones.


Google Cardboard has made VR accesible. You can even make your own!


What will you make with Panoform? The possibilities are endless!

How we play

Teaching students to be creative is easily done through play.
Designing with a system-based approach is at the core of “computational thinking.”
Students learn by making prototypes and then going through the process of refinement.
The process involves some visual reasoning and spatial translation.
The hand drawn approach to creating VR opens up a world of possibilities.
Educators should prompt students to experiment and consider wild ideas.

What's new?

  • The tool has been redesigned to make it easier to use on both desktop or mobile.
  • User content is no longer stored on Panoform servers, but on your local device. This means you no longer have to worry about anyone else seeing your VR creations unless you want to share!
  • You are now able to remove images you have previously uploaded, or clear your recent images list entirely.
  • The tool has been entirely re-coded with performance in mind. The site should now load much more quickly on most devices.
  • Panoform is now a progressive web app, and may work even if you're device is not online! (depending on whether your device supports this)
  • Unfortunately, changes to the default settings in iOS have introduced another step in the setup process. Please refer to the updated instructions in How it works

How it works

  • Download a grid from our grids section below
  • Print out the grid onto a letter-sized sheet
  • Take a picture of your composition and crop to the corners of the grid
  • If your device runs iOS, ensure Settings > Safari > Motion & Orientation Access is enabled
  • Tap the VR icon after the image loads
  • Insert device into a Cardboard headset for the VR experience!


You can use a variety of grids with Panoform, and each can help you in different ways. If you click the download button on a grid below, it will download a light version of the grid for you to print and draw on top of.

Basic Grid

This will appear as if you're inside a small room, and all drawings will appear on the walls, floor, and ceiling.


Infinite Grid

This will look as if it goes on forever in every direction. This is useful for less structured scenes.


Horizon Grid

This will look as if it goes on forever around you, but with no sky. This is useful for landscape scenes.