We have created a low-fidelity process of VR creation
that uses crayons, paper, and a mobile device.


Wrap your sketches and doodles into a magical 360° environment!

Low Tech

Panoform is browser based and compatible with most mobile phones.


Google Cardboard has made VR accesible. You can even make your own!


What will you make with Panoform? The possibilities are endless!

How We Play

Teaching students to be creative is easily done through play.
Designing with a system-based approach is at the core of “computational thinking.”
Students learn by making prototypes and then going through the process of refinement.
The process involves some visual reasoning and spatial translation.
The hand drawn approach to creating VR opens up a world of possibilities.
Educators should prompt students to experiment and consider wild ideas.

How it works

  • Download a grid from our grids section below.
  • Print out the grid onto a letter-sized sheet.

  • Take a picture of your composition and crop to the corners of the grid.
  • If your device runs iOS, ensure Settings > Safari > Motion & Orientation Access is enabled

  • Tap on the VR icon after the image loads.
  • Insert device into a Cardboard headset for the VR experience!


Click on the grid that you want to download below. This will download a lighter version of the grid to your Downloads folder. The downloaded image is lighter than these thumbnails so it is easier for you to draw over them.